Online Personal Training

I am happy to offer online personal training to create a personalized program just for you, to help guide you through your fitness journey to finding freedom in being physically fit! There are few things moreĀ fulfilling to me than getting to helpĀ someone else navigate their journey through the world of fitness, so it would be my honor to join you in your pursuit towards the healthiest & happiest you you can be!

Accountability & Encouragement

If you choose to work with me, or purchase one of my various training programs, I will be more than happy to offer accountability and encouragement through online coaching as you progress through your fitness journey! With weekly or bi-weekly check-in's, we will work together to help you achieve freedom in fitness!

Fitness Programming

Check out my programming services page for a variety of programming options and a brief description of each one. My programs involve a variety of training styles including weight training, HIIT, and workouts geared toward specific body parts including the lower body, upper body, full body, etc. Programs also range in length from 4 - 12 weeks in duration.

My Journey to Living Well

I grew up an athlete. A dancer for 8 years, tennis player by blood, and a year-round single sport athlete once I hit seventh grade when I dropped everything to pursue basketball head strong. I spent the next 6 years in the gym with my father both shooting hoops and learning how to take care of my body through lifting weights and doing cardio. As I got older and reached high school, I began summer, pre-season, mid-season, and post-season weightlifting at school with my high school team. When not in season for basketball, I took my workouts to another level in the gym focusing on getting stronger, leaner, and healthier.

I finished my high school career and headed off to college where my health and fitness took a backseat for my first semester away at school. After gaining 45 pounds in my first 3 months of my freshman year, I knew something had to change; and that something included my diet, my alcohol consumption, and my workout regimen. I was in the worst physical shape and health of my life, and after having been a year-round athlete for years, my mind quickly went into training mode with the goal of losing weight and gaining back the energy & health I had lost track of.

I worked hard chasing after gaining my health and physical "fit-ness" back again. Since this time, I have dabbled in many forms of exercise, searching for my perfect fit. I did the typical cardio like crazy with minimal weights, pilates, yoga, hiking, had my own personal trainer for a few months, cycling, and then found my way back to weightlifting again. There have been many highs and lows with my own personal fitness over the last 6 years since my weight gain, but that's why it's called a journey. I can proudly say I am the strongest, healthiest, and happiest version of myself I have ever been. I owe a lot of this to finding my passion for weightlifting, and to my husband who pushed me to give lifting weights a second chance. I have created and built a body that I have never been more proud of and excited by to continue pushing my limits and seeing what I am capable of.

Again, this is a journey. One that will last for the rest of my life. I know I have goals I still want to push myself forward to, and I also know I will still have seasons of life where my physical fitness may not be top priority. But over the last couple years I have found a very healthy balance and perspective with keeping fitness a constant in my life while also remembering that my physical body and working out is not my whole life. I have learned so much about who I am, my body, and what I am made of through the countless hours spent in the gym and also while researching, studying, and observing others. Which is what has brought me to where I am today; wanting to make a career for myself out of helping other people better their lives by finding freedom in being physically fit; to help lead others to being able-bodied to do whatever it is they want to in life without having any physical restrictions or limitations holding them back.

If this is something you dream of for yourself, let's chat! I'd love to get to know you more and see if there is any way I can help be a part of your fitness journey and equip you in whatever way I can towards building the healthiest, strongest, and happiest version of you you can be!


Let's Get to Work!

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