My Approach to Health, Fitness, & Happiness

The concept of health and fitness has looked very different in my life over the years. From being a year-round athlete, to living unhealthily and gaining weight which led me to working hard to lose said weight, and then struggling while trying to find out what exercise modality gave me the body and health I was desiring, it's been a crazy ride! But the biggest lesson I have learned, no matter what modality you use, or what kind of exercise you prefer, balance of the mind, body, & soul is of the utmost importance!

When you are balanced in your mind, you understand that your mental health is of more importance than your physical. But, having good health both mentally and physically are often bi-products of each other. The more often you exercise, the more endorphins you have being released, the better you feel about yourself, the more confident you are, and the happier you will tend to be. But having good mental health also means you understand how to implement balance into your life, especially in regards to your fitness. To me, this means understanding that your physical "fit-ness", the level of fit you see yourself being, will not be what changes your level of happiness in your life.

This is where balance of the spirit comes in. You must learn to love yourself, in every shape and form. You cannot expect that losing weight, gaining muscle, etc. will be what makes you love your body and your life more than you do right now. Transformations most often happen from the inside out. Transform your mind and spirit to love and value yourself and your body at all times. This will then often increase your desire to take care of your physical body, which will lead to desired results of losing weight, gaining muscle, etc. that you want to see.

No matter if you are overweight or underweight, have a little extra to love or have a hard time putting on muscle, YOU, as a person, are worthy, beautiful, valued, and more than enough. Fitness has forever changed my life because it has helped me discover more of who I am while helping me learn to love myself and my body, and to appreciate every size my body has been. Why appreciate the body I had when I was overweight? Simply because it gave me a wake-up call; it gave me a new starting point for my fitness; it taught me how to better take care of my body; and it has equipped me to help others in a similar situation as I was.

Balance of the mind, body, and soul is what has brought me to my happiest & healthiest self today.

A Leap of Faith

This is my story of how I came to create and start up "Live Well Lowell Fitness."

My whole life has had some element of fitness incorporated into it. From growing up playing sports, becoming a year-round, one-sport athlete, to finding my way back to my own personal best, in regards to my health, and exploring a variety of avenues to achieving my current health & physique, you could say I have dabbled in quite a few realms of the fitness world.

After losing my own weight, and navigating the murky waters of learning to love and embrace my body again, I began to feel a passion ignite within me for helping other women learn to love their own bodies, find their strength, and embrace their femininity through finding freedom in fitness.

I married the love of my life a few years ago, a military man, and with this comes it's own set of challenges with the lifestyle. One of those being employment and having my own career as we move from base to base. A few months after moving to our second base, and beginning work at another 9-5 job where I was being paid hourly and not doing anything that I was super passionate about, nor able to use my hard-earned degree for, my husband and I came to the conclusion I should pursue getting my CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was so pumped.

I was going to be able to create the closest thing to a career for myself as I possibly could with being able to take my experience from place to place, hopping in gyms wherever we moved to. After all, everyone everywhere needs fitness right? We moved for the third time in just under 3 years in August of 2017, and I began working at a local gym within one week of arriving at our new home. Within the first month, I knew my heart wasn't completely in it, and I didn't feel I was doing exactly what it is that I am most passionate about. I wanted to see the direct impact, benefits, and life-changing effects, my training could offer someone. I wanted to be a life-changer in a way that I knew I couldn't be working my job at the gym.

Which brings about my "leap of faith." Going out on my own, starting up my own business, "Live Well Lowell Fitness," is scary. Will I fail? Will I succeed? I would never know the answer to either of these questions unless I tried. So here I am! I am here to help women, and men, create a lifestyle in which their bodies get the time and attention they deserve through exercise. I am here to change lives by showing others just how capable they are of reaching their goals and unlocking their full potential. I am here to show you that YOU CAN DO IT! You can have that body you've always wanted; you can have increased amounts of energy; you can have confidence in, and love for, your body like never before; and you can still become the best, strongest, healthiest, and happiest version of yourself you have ever been! And I would be honored to get to help guide, and walk beside you, as you embark on this journey.

Say Hello!

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