Get to Know Me with some

Fun Facts!

  • I was born & raised in the Midwest and will always pride myself in being an Iowa girl
  • I first started working out in the gym and being introduced to weights at the age of 12
  • I graduated college with a Bachelor's in Psychology
  • My husband and I met one month before graduating college, were engaged 5 months later, and were married a month and a half after our engagement
  • We have a baby boy who was born in December of 2019 and he is our WORLD. We can't wait to give him a lifetime of adventures.
  • Since college (I graduated in 2015) I have lived in Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, Texas, Arizona, and Utah. Soon we will call Florida home!
  • We have two dogs, Goose a mixed breed lab (that's what we say to the vet. we rescued him from a shelter in MS and think he has 4-5 different breeds in him) and Scout a pure-bred chocolate lab (she also joined our family in MS).
  • I love to be outside! Which makes it easy to pick my favorite seasons as summer and fall.
  • I feel most at peace hiking in the mountains or breathing in the salty air by the beach.
  • My favorite beverages include coffee, red wine, margaritas, whiskey, and Sonic Strawberry Limeades.
  • I have a huge sweet tooth and love both chocolatey and fruity candies. Specifically, Mounds, Reese's Pieces, anything with chocolate and caramel, Skittles, Swedish Fish, and Twizzlers.

Say Hello!

Shoot me a message if you would like more information on me, my fitness journey, or my online training! I would love to hear from you!