48 Days to Strong

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This program is jam packed with workouts to produce growth in muscle & strength in both the upper body and lower body with weight lifting workouts. It also has an emphasis on cardio with both cardio on machines and HIIT workouts every week. The combination of these types of workouts in one training regimen is sure to produce an increased calorie burn both during your workout and throughout the day, and therefore producing more lean muscle on your body. If you want a strong, toned, and healthy physique, you’ve come to the right place!

Includes 6 workouts a week, for 8 weeks, for a total of 48 workouts.

Focus: A balance of muscular & cardiovascular endurance and strength. Workouts focus on increasing strength & building muscle throughout all body parts and their various muscles, while also making sure to give attention to your cardiovascular health!

Split: legs 1 day a week, back & biceps 1 day a week, a cardio day with a shoulder workout, a HIIT workout w/ abs, chest & triceps 1 day a week, and an additional/optional 6th workout for the week of a cardio day with an ab workout

Duration of each workout: 45-90 minutes

(HIIT workouts will be shorter while lifting workouts will be an hour or a little more)

1 review for 48 Days to Strong

  1. Kim G (verified owner)

    I truly loved this program! I have been an athlete my whole life but kind of fell off the consistent gym visits so I was looking to get back into the gym with a program that I could truly do at my pace but see results along the way. This program did JUST that! All the workouts are totally doable but will definitely be working your muscles. The splits are perfect because you focus on one or two muscle groups per day so they have some time to recover before you work them again the following week. (You do have some cardio in the mix as well to help get all the muscles flowing again and break down some of that lactic acid.)
    I also love that you get to push yourself with this program. You get to decide the weight you want to use and the pace.
    Even on days when I was dragging some, I could use the lowest weight or simply my body weight and still feel like I got a great workout in!
    I would highly recommend this workout to anyone wanting a good full body transformation and working on some muscle growth! I definitely noticed a difference in my physique within the first 2-3 weeks! It is AMAZING!

    Also, the BEST part of this program and all of Jen’s services is she truly cares about you as not just a client but also a person AND you get to keep the workout once you get it! So you can continue to reuse it … BUT I would highly recommend purchasing other programs of hers as well because they all have something great and different to offer!

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