B2B Bootcamp Part 1




This 3-month program consists of workouts created to first lay a strong foundation for weightlifting before gradually increasing your weights while decreasing your reps. This program does include cardio sessions throughout the first couple months before reducing cardio to focus on muscle and strength gain!

Includes 5 workouts a week, for 3 months, for a total of 60 workouts.

Focus: Establishing muscular stability & strength before increasing strength and gaining muscle mass

Month 1 Split: Cardio & Abs; Chest, Triceps, & Shoulders; Legs; Back & Biceps; HIIT

Month 2 Split: Chest & Triceps; Back & Biceps; Legs; Shoulders & Abs; Cardio & HIIT

Month 3 Split: Chest & Triceps; Leg Day 1 – Glutes & Quads; Back & Biceps; Leg day 2 – Glutes & Hamstrings; Shoulders & Abs

Duration of each workout: 60-75 minutes

(HIIT workouts will be shorter in duration approximately 30-45 minutes)


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