B2B Bootcamp Part 2




This 3-month program consists of workouts created to continue on where part 1 left off. Part 2 starts by continuing to build muscle while adding back in cardio through the form of HIIT workouts, while reducing weight and increasing reps. The program then finishes with strictly HIIT & cardio workouts for the last month. This will allow for a “leaning out” phase to show off all of the muscle you put on during the other 2-5 months of the program!

Includes 5 workouts a week, for 3 months, for a total of 60 workouts.

Focus: Continuing to gain muscle while increasing cardio and focusing on muscular endurance training

Month 1 Split: HIIT (lower-body); Upper Body Lift; HIIT (full-body); Lower Body Lift; HIIT (upper-body)

Month 2 Split: Cardio & Abs; Chest & Triceps; Back & Biceps; Cardio & Shoulders; Legs

Month 3 Split: HIIT (upper-body); Cardio & Abs; HIIT (lower-body); Cardio & Abs; HIIT (full-body)

Duration of each workout: 60-75 minutes

(HIIT workouts will be shorter in duration approximately 30-45 minutes)


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