Barbells & Bikinis




This 8-week program consists of workouts created to produce growth in both muscular endurance and muscular strength! This program offers cardio sessions, HIIT workouts, and weightlifting workouts, to help you achieve a strong, lean, and healthy body!

Includes 6 workouts a week, for 8 weeks, for a total of 48 workouts.

Focus: Muscular strength & endurance training with an emphasis on cardiovascular health and endurance!

Split: HIIT workout, Cardio with Chest & Triceps lift, a Back & Biceps lift with abs, a cardio session with a HIIT workout, a Leg lift with abs, and an additional/optional 6th workout for the week of a HIIT workout

Duration of each workout: 45-75 minutes

(HIIT workouts will be shorter while lifting workouts will be an hour or a little more)


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