Bunz & Gunz Round 2

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Consider this the twin sister to the original “Bunz & Gunz,” but on a pretty insane pre-workout! With added days focused on shoulders, cardio or HIIT, and a 6th workout that I’ve titled a “DAY OF KUDOS TO YOU” for those of you who love getting 6 workouts in a week.

Includes 6 workouts a week, for 4 weeks, for a total of 24 workouts.

Split: legs 1 day a week, upper body 2 days a week, a cardio/HIIT day, 1 day of shoulders, and 1 day of cardio with a circuit workout

Focus: continuing on with progress already made with original “Bunz & Gunz” program, while adding a little extra focus on the upper body with an added shoulder day, and some additional focus on the lower body and cardiovascular endurance with the Cardio/HIIT day options.

Duration of each workout: 60 – 90 minutes

1 review for Bunz & Gunz Round 2

  1. Kelsey

    I completed the Bunz & Gunz program before starting on Bunz & Gunz Round 2. I was not disappointed!
    In Bunz & Gunz Round 2, the focus shifts to upper body and cardiovascular endurance with the option to workout 6 days in the gym. Since the previous focus was on lower body, this was a welcome change and created a new challenge for the next month of workouts. I loved the “Day of Kudos to You” option- sometimes I would get to the gym 6 days a week, or sometimes I wouldn’t but the program is designed to not make you feel guilty if you are getting to the gym 5 days a week.
    The workouts again were clearly well thought through and covered all muscle groups with both new and basic workouts. Each day there was some workout that I had to lookup which I loved since I was wanting to learn new exercises that I could continue to incorporate into my workouts after the program.
    My recommendation would be to complete Bunz & Gunz first, then move on to Bunz & Gunz Round 2 since they are a great pairing and leave you feeling stronger in your lower body (first month) and upper body (second month).

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