Bunz & Gunz

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Firm up those Bunz & build those Gunz with this 4 week program!

Includes 5 workouts a week, for 4 weeks, for a total of 20 workouts.

Split: legs 2 days a week, upper body 2 days a week, and one day of cardio with some ab work.

Focus: increasing strength & building muscles such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, biceps, triceps, pecs, and various muscles of the back.

Duration of each workout: 60-90 minutes

1 review for Bunz & Gunz

  1. Kelsey

    I highly recommend this program no matter what your lifting experience is. As someone who has regularly lifted for a few years, I thought I had a good grip on lifting basics and knew how to adequately cover all muscle groups. However, the Bunz & Gunz program thought outside of the box and offered slightly different workout or variations, continually challenging me throughout the month. I appreciated that the workouts allow you to chose a light weight for beginners, or when I was unfamiliar with a workout and wanted to ease into it. The simple addition of a fourth set made a noticeable difference in my stamina levels and taught me how to maintain a weight instead of trying to lift as heavy as I could for lower reps and only 3 sets. I also particularly loved the flexibility of this program.
    The workouts are designed and broken down by week so I would print out all workouts for the full week and pick and choose based on what I wanted to work out that day, and how much time I had. I’ve tried other programs where each and every day is scheduled without allowing for flexibility and my motivation quickly decreased when I was forced to do chest on a day when I was craving legs or HIIT. I particularly liked how the splits are set up for this program since there were 2 leg day workouts a week. It is obvious that Jen spent a lot of time planning out the perfect balance within each of the 20 workouts. After completing the program, I saw physical changes but more importantly, I felt much stronger and prepared to continue on with Bunz & Gunz Round 2.

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