Fall Fitness Fix




Working out and getting moving doesn’t have to be complicated!

In fact, with this program it can be done in just 30-45, at home or at the gym, with weights or without.

This program offers a variety of styles and tempos, and is easily adaptable for all ability levels. Every workout was also created with the idea that you can take one of two approaches: a cardio or strength-training focus.

Go into this fall leading up to the holidays establishing a fun, active routine for yourself that makes working out seem a little less complicated than many make it out to be.

Includes 5 workouts a week, for 8 weeks, for a total of 40 workouts.

Focuses:  you can choose either focus below to complete each workout

Cardio: complete exercises without weights or minimal weight. Focus on speed & intensity of your movements during timed rep workouts.

Strength Building: complete all exercises with either dumbbells or kettlebells. Focus on form and muscle activation during each rep whether in a timed rep workout or set number rep workout. Type of weight/specific modality will be mentioned with the exercises you can add weight to.

Split: Full Body Fix; Lower Body Blast; Upper Body Torque; Cardio & Core; Full Body Fix

Duration of each workout: 30-45 minutes


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