Holiday HIITs




10 week program created to help get you through the holiday season with quick, efficient workouts that you can do from anywhere! Wherever your holiday travels may take you, no matter if you have access to a gym or not, this program will be able to help you keep active throughout the entire holiday season.

Every workout in this program is a HIIT workout composed of 4 Rounds of exercises. This type of training will help to boost your cardiovascular endurance while also promoting increased muscular strength. This program is sure to help keep you moving, sweating, and full of health for the holidays.

Includes 5 workouts a week, for 10 weeks, for a total of 50 workouts.

Focus: Cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength

Split: @ Home – Cardio & Abs; @ Home/Gym – Lower Body; @ Home/Gym – Upper Body; @ Home/Gym – Full Body w/ Abs; @ Home – Bodyweight w/ Abs

(@ Home/Gym workouts only require resistance bands and dumbbells; @ Home workouts do not require any equipment)

Duration of each workout: 30-50 minutes


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