Online Personal Training – 12 Weeks


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Personalized, 12 week training program created with you in mind! Catered to your specific goals, body type, physical fitness & workout history, amount of time you can commit each day, and the equipment you have access to.

Programs can be geared towards weight-loss, strength training, functionality, muscle gain, and lean muscle/toning.

What you get:


– Personalized workouts 5 days a week delivered to you in 3, 4 week plans

– Weekly email, phone call, or video chat check-ins where we will discuss your workouts, go over the progress you are making, reassess if any changes need to be made to your training regimen, and I will be able to answer any and all questions you have

– Support, accountability, and encouragement to help you reach your health and wellness goal!

*I can also provide you with a list of at-home equipment you can purchase for a reasonable price if you are wishing to complete the majority of, if not all, of your workouts from home


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